Rega 16 Litre Red Firefighting Knapsack

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This high quality Rega 16 litre firefighting knapsack can be stored on your vehicle for fast defence against spot fires.

The Rega firefighting knapsack will store 16 litres of water and is supplied with a hand pump with excellent range.

  • Store knapsack on utility vehicle with this vehicle bracket
  • Knapsack comes with two adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable fit if worn on back
  • Knapsack can deliver 1.2 litres per minute via hand pump
  • Add BLAZETAMER380™ Water Enhancer to your 16 litre Rega firefighting knapsack for stronger defence against bushfires, grassfires and scrub fires, house fires and more. 

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BlazeTamer380 Water Enhancer for Fire Fighting

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