Blazetamer Fire Suppressant - non toxic
Stop fire in its tracks with BLAZETAMER380®

Whether your bushfire plan is to stay or leave, even the best laid plans can go out the door when fire strikes.

Protect your home and family with BLAZETAMER380® water enhancer now available online for domestic use.

BLAZETAMER380® is used by fire authorities in aerial firefighting and ground attacks across Australia and the United States. It is accredited for use by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Council (AFAC).

Now available online in 1 litre or 20Litre packs for domestic and rural firefighting applications. FREE shipping to VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS & ACT (remote locations may incur freight surcharge).

Firefighting with BlazeTamer380 Australian Made

Reduce the spread of spot fires, burn offs, bushfires, grassfires, house fires, structural fires and more. 

What is BLAZETAMER380®?

Use BLAZETAMER380® to reduce the spread of:

In a diluted mixture, BLAZETAMER380® delivers superior fire extinguishing capabilities, resulting in substantially less water use and a reduction in the time required to extinguish a fire. 

BLAZETAMER380® requires no clean-up, and trials have resulted in greatly reduced instances of re-ignition.

BLAZETAMER380® has demonstrated its ability to control Class A fires, consisting of combustible materials such as wood, paper, fabric and refuse. 

How does BLAZETAMER380® Work?

Fires are highly exothermic reactions. The heat generated by the combustion reaction is released from the system to its surroundings.

When BLAZETAMER380® is mixed with water, there is a noticeable change in its viscosity.

The change is due to the presence of the macromolecule that can be seen as a long chain molecule dispersed throughout the water.

Unlike most foams which reduce the surface tension of water, BLAZETAMER380® INCREASES the surface tension of water in an elastic type manner.

On the right in the image below (at 400X magnification) the material is natural, on the left the coating is quite visible.


When the mixture is exposed to heat, the BLAZETAMER380® solution undergoes an endothermic reaction that produces a rapid cooling effect. As a result of this reaction, an extensive network of the macromolecule can be seen interconnected to form an 
irregular branched structure.

The density of the structure reduces the evaporation rate of the modified H20 molecule. This network blankets the fire, preventing oxygen from fuelling the combustion reaction.

Without the presence of oxygen, the fire is extinguished.

In the picture below, BLAZETAMER380® is diluted to 1.5%.


What is the BLAZETAMER380® Application Rate?

The application rate is 1:500. 

BLAZETAMER380® is available in 1 litre or 20Litre packs.

Mix BLAZETAMER380® in a 16 litre knapsack, 1000 litre water tank or any other portable fire fighting equipment for defence against fires.

Fighting fires with BlazeTamer380 Water Enhancer Fire fighting with BlazeTamer380 Water Enhancer Fire Suppressant

For example, add 2 litres of 
BLAZETAMER380® to a 1000 litre firefighting water tank.  Therefore a 20 Litre pack will make 10,000 Litres of enhanced water.

Add BlazeTamer380 to 1000 litre shuttle for fire fighting

Firefighting knapsacks are also available for purchase in our online store. The knapsacks can be used as a portable carrying device for BLAZETAMER380®.



What does BLAZETAMER380® Contain?

BLAZETAMER380® contains a mix of polymers, surfactants, water and other ingredients. When applied, BLAZETAMER380® is mixed in very small concentrations with water (from 0.1% to 0.65%).

For more information, see the chart on BLAZETAMER380® packaging.

BLAZETAMER380® Is Safe For The Environment, Animals, Plants and Crops.

While BLAZETAMER380® is not formally classed as a readily biodegradable product, the applied diluted solution breaks down over time, (approximately 100 days) and is eventually degraded by biological and UV action. 

Such degradation ensures no harmful residues remain in the environment.

The mixed solution of BLAZETAMER380® is not harmful to plants or agricultural crops.

For many years, similar polymers have been used on food crops in agriculture for water retention, spray drift reduction and efficiency improvements in nutrients. The polymers have no effect on the plants themselves and residues are not harmful to humans or animals.

Accredited For Use By Australian Fire & Emergency Service Council.

No firefighting product on the market today has passed such close scrutiny by testing authorities globally as BLAZETAMER380®.

BLAZETAMER380® is accredited for use by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Council (AFAC).

It is also one of the few products approved for use in and around water catchment areas by the Australian Water Quality Centre and is approved for use by the EPA. It has been approved for use in the EU.

After 11 years of rigorous and comprehensive testing, BLAZETAMER38® received full accreditation by the United States of America Department of Agriculture-Forest Service (USDA-FS 5100-306a).

How To Clean Up BLAZETAMER380® Concentrate?

The following specific instructions for BLAZETAMER380® will ensure easy and efficient clean-up of both spills, equipment and personnel:


Wipe skin thoroughly with paper towels to remove excess product. Wash with copious amounts of clean water and preferable a citrus based cleaner, not essential. Remove as much product from clothes as possible with paper towels. Rinse affected area with clean water. Launder in normal manner.


Wipe equipment thoroughly with paper towels. Once all excess product has been removed, clean with proprietary citrus-based cleaner then wash the excess off with copious amounts of clean water.


Spills should always be contained and absorbed IMMEDIATELY. For spills on natural surfaces (soil, sand, gravel), cover with plenty of absorbent material (such as soil/earth) and sweep up once the concentrate has been absorbed. Hose down residue with copious amounts of water.

For spills on artificial surfaces (bitumen, concrete etc) it is important that absorbent material (soil is ideal) be applied immediately. The spill should be completely covered with absorbent and worked with a shovel until all of the product is absorbed. Sweep up the absorbent material and dispose. Apply copious amounts of clean water to remove any remaining product residue. For spills on artificial surfaces, clean-up should be conducted promptly and all traces of product washed from the surface immediately.