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Water Based Bitumen Rejuvenator / Emulsion 20 Litre Pail

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Water Based Bitumen Rejuvenator / Emulsion 20 Litre Pail is a versatile solvent free, water based bitumen compound suitable to use for Rejuvenating Light Duty tired asphalt Driveways, Footpaths, Timber waterproofing, protective coatings or as a sealant. Black to Brown in colour. Used in a range of industry applications such as; building/construction, industrial/civil and farming/horticultural applications.

*Product must be mixed thoroughly before use /  drill mounted mixer*

Features & Benefits:

∗ Solvent free, non toxic and free of dangerous odours

∗ High adhesion properties

∗ Fast drying properties

∗ Non sagging on vertical surfaces

∗ Forms a flexible non tacky Long Lasting protective film

∗ Excellent water resistance when dried.

∗ Outstanding adhesion properties over a wide range of surfaces

∗ Resistant to sulphates, ground salts, diluted acids


Multi-purpose Bitumen Compound is suitable for Construction, Industrial, Rural and Automotive applications

Uses: Industrial/Civil Applications

∗ Concrete Pipe Sealing

∗ Protection of concrete substrates against moisture and chloride attack

∗ Insulating cold room structures and freezing chambers

∗ Sound Deadening on metal surfaces or underbody protection

∗ Asphalt sealing and repairs

Uses: Construction/Building Applications

∗ General sealing of surfaces

* Post and rail fence painting Equine and landscaping use 

∗ Damp coursing

∗ Waterproof patching/filler

∗ Plumbing applications

∗ Protective slip layer coating over key joints and dowel bars

∗ Sealer coat on curtain walls before cladding

∗ Protective coating on metal surfaces

Uses: Farming/Rural / Landscaping Applications

∗ Timber post protection Including Sleeper or timber retaining walls 

* Water proofing timber

∗ Wood rot protection

∗ Pruning and grafting

∗ Tree surgery aftercare

∗ Protective coating on underside of tanks and metal surfaces in contact with concrete

∗ Silo sealing


Coverage is 1.5m² per litre. Keep container sealed when not in use.

Instructions for use on label.

Multi-purpose Bitumen Compound comes in 5 & 20 Litre Pails | Black Colour.

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