NO MORE POTHOLES: Do it yourself

NO MORE POTHOLES: Do it yourself - Earthco Projects Store

Cause: poor drainage, poor maintenance

The areas most prone to pothole development are where drainage is poor (particularly where a pathway dips, or cracks start appearing in driveways), where traffic is greatest – especially heavy vehicle traffic – and where poor initial jobs allows small fissures to deteriorate.

This plague of potholes represents a major headache for all of us. The consequences of a deteriorating pavement are significant – undermining property value and resulting in direct costs to you, through damage vehicles and the safety of other vehicle drivers, is also compromised.

Solution: QPR Permanent Pothole Repair - Instant Asphalt

QPR is a proven, fast, permanent and cost effective pothole repair solution which can be used to repair potholes and cracks under all weather conditions.

Until recently QPR was unavailable in small quantities for private home use. 

Now we have made it available to buy in smaller quantities to purchase online and delivered to your door:

-15KG bags 

-15KG pails/buckets 

-22.7KG easy carry bags 

If your property is suffering from a pothole filled driveway with dips, bumps and cracks then QPR asphalt is your permanent easy fix solution! 

To purchase QPR Pothole Repair CLICK HERE.