Prevent small fires from becoming catastrophic events.

What is BLAZETAMER380® ?

BLAZETAMER380® is a water enhancer and fire suppressant that helps homeowners, landowners, farmers and business owners tame fires before causing further damage to homes, sheds and livestock, or becoming a threat to the wider community. 

Used by fire authorities in aerial attacks when fighting large fires, Blazetamer380® is now available in smaller quantities for home and land owners.

Just add Blazetamer380® to water in a firefighting knapsack or portable water tank to prevent the spread of burn offs, bonfires, bushfires, grassfires, house and structural fires, and more.

Keep Blazetamer380® treated fire fighting equipment on hand for peace of mind and fast effect should a fire threaten your home, land or family.

Water treated with Blazetamer380® is more effective than plain water, cutting the time it takes to control a fire. The mixed solution stays active on the ground to prevent the chance of the fire re-igniting.

The Jepson family used water enhanced with Blazetamer380® to fight a bushfire that swept through their property.

When sprayed with a Blazetamer380® solution, Trevor and Constantia Jepson said the fires were quenched immediately and did not re-ignite. Read more about their experience here: 

Fight fires faster with Australian owned and made Blazetamer380®, now available online in 1 litre packs and 20 Litre Drums from the Earthco Projects Store.

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