Crack filler Tool U-Shaped - Crack Filler Application Tool

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Asphalt U-Shaped Push/Pull Squeegee  - Application Tool without handle

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Our "U" shaped crack sealing TOOL is  a favourite for working on larger and longer pavement cracks and eliminates bending over. The design allows the rubber blade to work with just a little downward pressure as you pull the material along the surface, the material is forced into the crack and the excess is scraped flush to the surface eliminating waste.  

Required to use is your own 25mm OD broom handle

You will need to fit to 25mm  OD  broom  handle must be secured to the Squeegee with Supplied Screws.    ( Phillips Head Screw driver required )


The Cold  U-Shaped Push/Pull Squeegee is used for applying Gripset 15 Litre B26 OR C26 crack sealer/ filler products to be applied quickly and evenly over surfaces for crack repairs. 

Used for crack repairs on:

  • Asphalt Pavements and bitumen surfaces
  • Concrete Pavement Repairs
  • Car park maintenance
  • Roads and driveway cracks
  • Footpaths and more

Proudly Made in Australia.

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