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      PolyCom Stabilising Aid can stabilise almost any material commonly found in earthworks applications. From strengthening naturally occurring sub grade, to applications in crushed rock prior to sealing works and anything in between.

      PolyCom challenges traditional methods of stabilising road material by providing results comparable to cement or lime but being much easier to use, non-toxic and more cost effective.

      You don't need the complicated processes associated with traditional stabilising methods. 

      One 2kg bottle pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid will increase the strength of your road, driveway, arena, track, pavement, footpath and more.

      During the application of PolyCom Stabilising Aid in construction or maintenance PolyCom will reduce water usage compared to older stabilisation techniques.

      Your pavements will be stronger and longer lasting, more water resistant and less dusty and you'll have a tighter and better bound running surface.

      Proudly Made and Supplied in Australia!

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