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DIY 15Kg Pail QPR Quality Bitumen Pothole Repair | Cold Asphalt Free delivery.

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Australian made for Australian conditions.

QPR is ready-made asphalt repair material or instant bitumen, with long shelf life that can be used to repair potholes in asphalt driveways, footpaths, carparks, basketball courts, utility operations and other pavements. 

You'll love this easy-lift pail of QPR because it's simple to apply AND permanent! That's right, use QPR once for a permanent, long term repair. Easy to apply, no fuss, and works fast.

Our 15Kg pails of QPR contain DIY permanent repair material for potholes, utility cuts and damaged asphalt. These pails are ideal for small jobs, and store well when resealed until they are needed next. Multiple items stack neatly in the shed. Recycle the pail when the job is done.


1. Clean the area to be repaired, removing loose debris.

2. Place QPR and spread evenly into the damaged area in 50mm layers. Use a tamp or shovel to spread the material.

3. Tamp with hand tamper or mechanical vibrator as required, then wheel roll or drive over the repair several times. Open to traffic immediately.

For more detailed instructions and pictures click here.


“I used QPR to repair the driveway at my parents’ home. After 40 years in local government building roads and maintenance, this material was the easiest I have ever used. Now retired, I have not spread asphalt for several years but this material was very easy to use and get a top quality result with little work. Wish this was around when I was on the premix truck. The ease and workability was like spreading butter. Any person with little experience would be able to get a top job in no time.” 

How do I order larger quantities?

For industrial use contractors, plumbers, council road crews and other road authorities QPR is available in pallet loads of:

  • 64 pails

  • 66 bags

  • 1 ton bags

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