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BLAZETAMER380™ Water Enhancer for Firefighting 1 Litre Pack

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Defend your home and property with Blazetamer380™ 1 litre fire fighting water enhancer pack. Price includes FREE shipping Australia wide. (Remote locations may incur freight surcharge) GST added at checkout. Please be assured we are still operational with deliveries as normal.


Fight fires fast with BLAZETAMER380™ water enhancer 1 litre pack. Reduce the spread of spot fires, grassfires, house fires and structural fires, burn offs, burning embers and more.  Now available to buy online for emergency residential and rural fire fighting needs.

Proudly Australian Made and it's a NON TOXIC fire suppressant!

BLAZETAMER380™ is non-toxic meaning it is harmless to humans, animals and vegetation, and complies with Work Health Safety Regulations for firefighters. BLAZETAMER380™ is officially approved for use by state and federal agencies. 

BLAZETAMER380™ is used to extinguish many types of fire including: 


Treat water in a firefighting knapsack or fire tender, trailer tank, any portable Fire Fighting apparatus or tank for fast and effective defence against fire. 

Application rate:   1:500 

Add 1 litre of BLAZETAMER380™ to every 500 litres of water. For example, buy 2 packs of BLAZETAMER380™ to treat a 1000 litre fire fighting water shuttle.

Detailed instructions are on every pack. Click here for more information about using BLAZETAMER380™ to fight fires. 


"The BLAZETAMER380™ enabled us to save fiercely burning gum trees, burning and smouldering logs and fence posts etc. In other places spot-fires, even in tall phalaris were quickly doused with a minimum of water." Click here to read the full story. TREVOR AND CONSTANTIA JEPSON

In Australia and overseas countries, BLAZETAMER380™ is commonly used in aerial fire fighting to suppress fires efficiently and effectively whilst not harming the environment. 

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