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Our Crack Sealing Cart is the perfect solution for applying cold crack filler material for pavement crack repairs. The carts are heavy duty and maneuverable with an attached "U" shaped shoe to help direct material into cracks laying down a smooth consistent finish. 

Easy to use hand controls raise and lower the shoe and control the flow of crack sealant which allows you to control the flow needed to fill cracks that vary in depth and width.

See Video Here of Earthco Crack Sealing Cart

This is a portable crack cart is designed to work with cold crack sealing material or cold applied concrete crack sealing material - See our suitable products to use with the Cold Crack filler Cart here: Gripset Crack Sealing products.

This cart is designed to fill and repair cracks in asphalt roads, carparks and driveways to apply crack sealing material, squeegee the material into the cracks and smooth material on the surface around cracks in asphalt.

This machine can fill Asphalt or Bitumen cracks at walking speed to make quick work of  crack filling Jobs. The cart is very easy to push and extremely maneuverable allowing one person application with less effort. Hand controls operate the shoe and the flow of material making it easy to adjust the sealant being applied as cracks will vary in size and width.

This Asphalt or Concrete Crack Sealing Cart is extremely easy to operate. Since one person can easily operate the crack cart you can be assured of increasing output while still obtaining professional results in a short amount of time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Proudly made in Australia
  • Designed to work with Cold Crack fillers only 
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • OHS Compliant
  • Manual valve flow regulator
  • Portable
  • Easy one person use
  • 25 litre capacity


  • Driveway crack repairs
  • Road repairs
  • Carpark repairs
  • School yard repairs
  • General Maintenance repairs
  • Warehouse flooring repairs
  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Asphalt crack repairs
  • Bitumen cracks
  • Other pavement repairs

Who can use it?

  • Homeowner
  • Commercial
  • Contractor
  • Government
  • Educational
  • Airports

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