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PROFESSIONAL USE - High quality QPR 6690® Hot-Applied Crack Sealant is a flexible, rubber-like commercial grade product that is used to repair cracks of any length in asphalt pavements. It starts out as a solid, rubber block which is then melted in a special melter and is heated. Once melted, the crack filler is applied to the cracks. The crack filler hardens up deep inside the crack, sealing out moisture from penetrating the asphalt. This prevents it from causing further crack development and promotes a long lasting repair and an attractive appearance.

Basic Uses: QPR 6690® is designed to seal expansion joints, longitudinal and transverse cracks, joints between concrete and asphalt shoulders, and random cracks in both asphalt and concrete pavements.  QPR 6690® Crack sealant can be applied over any surfaces which have cracked, including bitumen, asphalt and concrete.

QPR 6690® is supplied in solid 22.7KG blocks comprised of asphaltic resins and synthetic polymer rubber.

Color: Black.
Limitations: Do not overheat material.

How to apply? Cracks must be free from moisture, dust, loose aggregate and other contaminates prior to application. 

  1. Clean out cracks with a broom or compressed air.
  2. QPR 6690® Hot Applied Crack Sealant must be heated using a professional grade melter
  3. Apply QPR 6690® Crack sealant directly to cracking or failed areas.

When melted and properly applied it forms a resilient crack sealant for both asphaltic and cementitious pavements.


How do I order larger quantities?

For industrial use contractors, council road crews and other road authorities QPR 6690 ® Crack Sealant is available in pallet loads of:

  • 27 units
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